Law and Political Economy in Europe Project.

On how law constitutes the economy and its potential to change it.

Law and Political Economy (LPE) is a movement of scholarship and legal praxis that seeks to show how law contributes to the social, economic, and ecological crises that we face, and how it could become a tool in addressing them. Law and Political Economy highlights how law is not merely an external regulatory force on otherwise “natural”, “neutral”, or “apolitical” markets – rather, it is an intrinsic part of their creation in the first place. Building on the successful experience of the U.S. LPE Project, Law and Political Economy in Europe emerges as a response to the intellectual urgency of conceptualising how legal structures can be re-imagined to address socio-economic inequalities and push the boundaries for economic, ecological and social change. We aspire to challenge the dominant academic discourse on how the nature of the economy and its operations are understood, illuminate the interconnections between different areas of law and outcomes in the economy, society, and the environment, and democratise the debate about the nature of the economy and its relationship to law. The Law and Political project that we are seeking to develop in Europe will bring together academics and civil society participants to create a community that is actively involved in legal mobilisation and harnesses the potential of law for social transformation.

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