Recent publications

This is an indicative list of publications from the last academic year (2022 – 2023) that we believe is relevant for Law and Political Economy in Europe scholarship, without necessarily representing how the authors would self-describe their work. Also, it is not exclusive – please do not hesitate to contact us to make additions!


Andrea Leiter, Making the World Safe for Investment: The Protection of Foreign Property 1922–1959 (Cambridge University Press 2023)

Fabrizio Esposito, The Consumer Welfare Hypothesis in Law and Economics: Towards a Synthesis for the 21st Century (Elgar 2022)

Isabel Feichtner and Geoff Gordon (eds), Constitutions of Value: Law, Governance, and Political Ecology (Routledge 2023)

Marco Goldoni and Michael Wilkinson (eds), The Cambridge Handbook on the Material Constitution (Cambridge University Press 2023)

Ruth Dukes and Wolfgang Streeck, Democracy at Work: Contract, Status and Post-Industrial Justice (Polity 2022)



European Law Open, Volume 1 – Special Issue 4: Transformative Law of Political Economy in Europe. See, Anna Beckers, Klaas Eller and Poul Kjaer, ‘The transformative law of political economy in Europe’ (2022) 1 European Law Open 749 [Including articles by Marija Bartl, Ioannis Lianos, Lilian Moncrieff, and others].

European Law Open, Volume 1, Issue 3: Symposium on the Law and the Production of Precarious Work in Europe. See, Vladimir Bogoeski and Francesco Costamagna, ‘Law and the production of precarious work in Europe: an introduction’ (2022) 1 European Law Open 660

Symposium on Jean-Philippe Robe, Property, Power and Politics (2023). See, Jedidiah Kroncke, ‘Introduction: Symposium on Jean-Philippe Robe, Property, Power and Politics’ (2023) 3 Journal of Law and Political Economy 556



Anna Chadwick, ‘Rethinking the EU’S ‘Monetary Constitution’: legal theories of money, the Euro, and transnational law’ (2022) 1 European Law Open 468

Anna Saunders, ‘Constitution-Making as a Technique of International Law: Reconsidering the Post-war Inheritance’ (2023) 117 American Journal of International Law 251

David Birchall, ‘Human Rights and Political Economy: Addressing the Legal Construction of Poverty and Rights Deprivation’ (2022) 3 Journal of Law and Political Economy 393

Ioannis Kampourakis, ‘The Market as an Instrument of Planning in Sustainability Capitalism’ (2023) European Law Open 1 (first view)

Ioannis Kampourakis, Sanne Taekema and Alessandra Arcuri, ‘Reappropriating the rule of law: between constituting and limiting private power’ (2023) 14 Jurisprudence 76

Jack Meakin, ‘Labour Movements and the Effectiveness of Legal Strategy: Three Tenets’ (2022) 38 International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations 187

Jack Meakin, ‘The opportunity and limitation of legal mobilisation for social struggles: a view from the Argentinian factory recuperation movement’ (2022) 18 International Journal of Law in Context 196

James Thuo Gathii and Ntina Tzouvala, ‘Racial Capitalism and International Economic Law: Introduction’ (2022) 25 Journal of International Economic Law 199.

Manoj Dias-Abey, ‘Migrant Domestic Workers in Europe: Law and the Construction of Vulnerability Everyday Transgressions: Domestic Workers’ Transnational Challenge to International Labour Law’ (2023) 52 Industrial Law Journal 273

Manoj Dias-Abey, ‘Mobilizing for Recognition: Indie Unions, Migrant Workers, and Strategic Equality Act Litigation’ (2022) 38 International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations 137

Rachel Griffin, ‘Public and private power in social media governance: multistakeholderism, the rule of law and democratic accountability’ (2023) 14 Transnational Legal Theory 46

Rachel Griffin, ‘Rethinking rights in social media governance: human rights, ideology and inequality’ (2023) 2 European Law Open 30

Rob Knox, ‘International Law, Race, and Capitalism: A Marxist Perspective’ (2023) 117 AJIL Unbound 55

Vladimir Bogoeski, ‘Nonwaivability of Labour Rights, Individual Waivers and the Emancipatory Function of Labour Law’ (2023) 52 Industrial Law Journal 179